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We are glad to announce the last phase of our third series Secondary schools

We are glad to announce the last phase of our third series Secondary schools Advocacy Project on Gender Equity and Curtailment of Sexual and Gender-based Violence.  As a peacebuilding organization of Peacebuilders taking action for a more peaceful and just world, our organisation has been taking action against the menace of SGBV as one of the steps considered necessary for the facilitation of sustainable Peace.  In the third Series,  we got access to 30 Public Secondary schools and 50% of these Schools have been visited, we now look forward to rounding off this advocacy campaign.  On the completion of the third series, our organisation would have visited 60 Public Secondary schools in Six LGAs.  However, at this junction, we would really like to appreciate our volunteers who are standing by the organisation and making sure this project keep sailing. Also, our supporters, those who have committed and still committing their resources to this remarkable adventure and life chan
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Empowering Survivors and Ending Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: The Effort of REFOP to fight against it Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is a global pandemic that affects millions of people every year, with devastating physical, emotional, and psychological consequences. It is mainly a significant problem in Nigeria, with incidents reported nationwideide. Women and girls are particularly vulnerable and can face a range of abuses, including rape, domestic violence, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation. In this blog post, we will explore the effort of REFOP in the fight against SGBV. REFOP is looking to provide a wide range of services and support to survivors of SGBV, including crisis counseling. These services are critical for survivors to heal and rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma. By empowering survivors, REFOP helps them to regain their dignity, self-esteem, and confidence, which are often shattered by the violence they have experienced. REFOP believes

Happy International Peace Day

It is international peace day, in the past one years since REFOP establishment,  more than 40 communities and 50,000 people have benefited from the organisation Peace Initiatives.   It is REFOP commitment to make sustainable peace possible through innovative ideas and peace Advocacy that address some of the proximate causes of conflict and contemporary issues that affect our collective Peace.  In furtherance to REFOP'S vision, the organization has designed a training manual for building the capacity of her Peacebuilders who are and who will be taking action for a more peaceful and just world and also be a worthy Ambassador of the Organization.  Intending Peacebuilder can always register via the organisation website;  It is no coincidence that the theme of this year International Peace Day "Action for Peace: Ambition for the Global Goals" coincide with the organisation mantra; "Taking action for a more peaceful and just world"
 The goal of Peacebuilding is to ensure sustainable peace, this is possible when we have mentally healthy and emotionally stable citizens.  At Renaissance Foundation for Peacebuilders, we prioritize mental health and citizens' emotional stability.  Visit our website ☆ for different services ranging from mental health counseling, conflict Management advices, mediation and Workplace Peace Education.    If you need to talk to someone. Feel free to reach out, we are here because of you. We are Peacebuilders, your internal Peace is our priority.


  n line with helping Africa to achieve sustainable peace and bid farewell to incessant hostility and perennial insecurity that has percolated the continent for too long. Our organisation "The Renaissance Foundation for Peacebuilders (REFOP)" which is currently playing an active role in building sustainable Peace in Africa is committed to rewriting the story of Africa by fighting endemic conflict on the continent.  As a peacebuilding organisation of peacebuilders taking action for a more peaceful and just world, we believe Peacebuilders Everywhere ipso facto mean peace everywhere, we are committed to fulfilling the mandate of raising Peacebuilders in every community, town and district. Register to be trained as a peacebuilder today and become part of professional Peacebuilders who are taking action for a more peaceful and just world.   Indicate your interest and apply via our website: or visit our office at no 5 Asala Street to pick up the mem


 We are excited to announce our Peacebuilders Masterclass.  Are you interested in Peacebuilding or do you wish to be part of network of Peacebuilders taking action for a more peaceful and just world?  Enrol for The Peacebuilders Masterclass with Renaissance Foundation for Peacebuilders (REFOP) and gain the eligibility to join the most active network of Peacebuilders taking action for a more peaceful and just world.  This master class will train and teach you  relevant skills in peacebuilding, Conflict Progression/Dynamics, Conflict Escalation/De-escalation, work-place Peace Education, ADR Spectrum, conflict prevention, Conflict Analysis, conflict Management, and Conflict Resolution etc.   Peacebuilders Masterclass Module:  ■ Foundational course in Peacebuilding/ Nature &  Characteristic of Peacebuilders  ■ Conflict Prevention, Analyses, Management, transformation, Resolution.  ■ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) ■ Conflict Analysis (Theory)  ■ Gender & Social Inclusion  ■ Co
 Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)  The team recently visited Lagos Baptist Senior Secondary School The team recently visited Lagos Baptist Senior Secondary School to address the issue of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and its effects on the mental health of students. The team highlighted the various effects of SGBV, such as depression, suicidal thoughts, withdrawal syndrome, low self-esteem, sexual addiction, sexism,  and post-traumatic stress disorder, and how they can ultimately affect mental health. The students were educated on the importance of identifying and reporting cases of SGBV to prevent its effects on their mental health. The team also discussed how the effects of SGBV can interfere with learning and academic performance. Survivors of SGBV may experience difficulties concentrating in class, and teachers may find it challenging to ge…